Elementary School

A standards-based curriculum provides the foundation for preparing students to think creatively,
communicate effectively, and be enthusiastic learners

Students are engaged in hands-on project-based learning, driven by their own curiosity and interests. Through project work, children actively
investigate their interests, discover new ideas and develop their own theories, learning to think critically and creatively. Project-based activities
engage students in authentic learning and connect them with their environment and community.
Our dynamic learning community is committed to meeting the needs of all students in a warm and caring atmosphere. The emphasis is on the
education of the whole child. As students are most receptive to learning when they feel safe, secure, and happy, an emphasis on social and emotional
learning will be integrated into homeroom classes with the support of our Elementary counseling program.

Academic Programs

The Elementary school encompasses students
in Grade1 through Grade 5.

The Elementary program follows the AERO Common Core Plus
Curricular Standards for Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, World Languages, Music and Art, the SHAPE standards for Physical Education and the ISTE standards for technology.

Guided by our mission, values and beliefs, it is our goal to have all
students meet or exceed our standards and benchmarks in learning.
Our curriculum is designed to ensure that students are receiving the
precise building blocks that will prepare them fully for the next phase of their education.