Admissions Policy,
Process & Timeline,
and Documents

Please call or visit the school’s Registration Office to commence the admissions process for KG1-12 with the school registrar.

Admissions Policy

● International Community School (ICS) considers all applications for admission without bias regardless of race, color, gender, handicap, religion or national origin.
● The school reserves the right to consider all applications for admission on the individual merit of each case. As per school regulations, students with consistent poor behavior records and attitude, despite significant support and assistance, may be denied admission for the following academic year.
● Admission priority is for students of determination who have registered siblings

Process and Timelines

The school strictly adheres to all local rules and regulations in regard to School Admissions. We assure parents that a child’s enrollment will be considered based on clear guidelines and expectations which the registration department is always ready to discuss with parents and guardians.
The registration process is generally completed within one week, unless exceptional circumstances apply (ex. missing original documents, visa, etc.).
Please be advised that it is not possible to select your child’s teachers or section. The school leaders will decide on students’ allocations and class distribution based on several internal factors which might include but not limited to, gender, number of students, availability of support and special programs.

The following documents are essential required to start and complete the registration process:

Local ID cards
(Parents and Children)

School report from
previous school

Parent’s passports copy
& visa page (for residents)


Child’s birth

8 photos
passport size

Child’s passport
and visa page

Potential students seeking school admission will conduct Placement Tests in English and Mathematics as the first step in the admissions process.
The tests results will be reviewed. Parents or guardians will be contacted to arrange an interview for you and your child/children. Following the interview, if the student is approved for admission, the Registration Department staff will assist you with all the required formal documents, transport options, books, uniforms and fee inquiries.

For KG1 and KG2 new admissions, the registration window opens from mid to late February of each academic year.

For admission inquiries, parents may call the school to make an appointment for an interview with the Director of Early Childhood Education and KG supervisor.

A child is considered for admission to KG1 if he/she has completed four years old by 31st December. Following the interview, parents or guardians will be contacted to brief them on the outcomes of the interview and to complete the registration process.

Admission team members will assist you with the registration process, and will help you with arrangements for books, uniform, fees, transport etc.


Apply For Admission


Parent/guardian fills in an application form, sign Entry Requirements and Commitment form and then submits them back to the registrar. The registrar will assign a date for the placement tests

See Application


This stage begins after the placement requirements have been met. In this stage, the parent/guardian must submit the required documents.


Tuition and Fees

Parent/guardian fills in an application form, sign Entry Requirements and Commitment form and then submits them back to the registrar. The registrar will assign a date for the placement tests

See Fees

Withdraw from International Community School

If your circumstances have changed and you need to relocate, or you find that you wish to enroll your child/children in another school, please contact the registration department at ####### The registration department and the school accounts calculate the due and charged school and transportation fees, parents or guardians will be informed of any due payments or any possible refunds. If you have concerns or challenges related to your child’s education or well-being, please be sure to contact the relevant supervisor or Head of School to assist you to resolve the matter before you consider transferring your child/children. If you were unable to successfully resolve an issue with the supervisors and HODs, please contact the Deputy Principal or the school Principal to assist in any unresolved concern.

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Prospective families and students are welcome to call
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