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Dear Students, Parents, Colleagues and Community Partners,

I would like to welcome you all to the official website of International Community School.

ICS is an environment where dedicated educators in partnership with parents and other stakeholders work
collaboratively to support and challenge our students to become more successful, innovative individuals and effective team players.

ICS offers an American curriculum based on well-defined and internationally recognized American
Education Standards, while integrating relevant and meaningful international benchmarking and
enrichment programs to guide curriculum, instruction, assessment, and extracurricular programs.

We fully consider ICS as a dynamic and interactive learning community, not only for students, but to all
members of the ICS community. Life-long learning is a keystone in ICS’s Guiding Statement, and it is
significantly practiced throughout the school’s programs, events and activities.

Our vision at ICS is to be internationally recognized and locally trusted. We strive to establish and maintain
a community that inspires passion for learning, where students dare to embark on challenging journeys to
achieve their visions or to explore possible opportunities as innovators or future entrepreneurs.

The ICS community embraces and nurtures its cultural diversity and multiculturalism. We are proud to have
a diversified learning community where all members work together in harmony, collaboration and respect
to achieve their common goals and support each other’s needs.

While we emphasize on a rigorous academic course of study, we recognize and appreciate the value in
nurturing the unique interests, talents, and skills of our students through our academic and enrichment
programs. The richness of our curriculum, the dedication of our faculty, and the achievements of our
students are significant evidence of our distinction as one of the finest American-Curriculum private
schools in Iraq. With active parent engagement, strong community connections, ICS serves as a model for holistic excellence.

As ICS offers a holistic education and student services focused on academic progress, social development
and self-reliance, it also encourages the students to engage themselves in school events, activities and
competitions, and become more active members of the broader school community.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all ICS website visitors who are keen to know more about our school community and services. We hope that the available information will help all visitors develop a
comprehensive understanding of the school’s quality services.

Best Regards Sincerely,


About us

School Values

Right to learn
About Us

Beliefs and Philosophy

It is the philosophy of International Community School (ICS) through the use of what is best about American education and Arab culture, to provide an educational experience designed to promote the maximum potential of its students and to challenge as well as assist them to become competent, innovative and ethical contributing members of a global society.

Education is a shared responsibility of the administration and faculty, students, parents, and the school community.

A safe and secure environment that is marked by respect for the rights of others and acceptance of personal responsibility, is conducive to effective learning.

Education must encompass the development of the whole individual: academic, aesthetic, creative, social, physical, and emotional.

Students are individuals whose learning is influenced by culture, age, prior knowledge, background, experiences, personality, and physiology.

The learning environment and educational process should recognize different learning styles, abilities, and interests.

Education is most effective when the learner is actively engaged in the learning process.

Education should provide meaningful and relevant experiences that parallel those found in everyday life.

The student’s school experience should foster self-esteem and self-confidence, which are integral components of the successful learner.

Education should develop a sense of values within each student to assist them in understanding themselves & how their values relate to the world in which they live.

Education should foster independent thinking to encourage creativity, thoughtful decision-making, critical analysis and an appreciation and understanding of differences in opinion.

The school experience should promote positive interpersonal relationships where students can work cooperatively or collaboratively with a partner, group, or a team to become caring, sharing individuals, aware of the concerns of others.

The establishment of realistic, yet challenging expectations and the learner’s responsibility for their achievement promotes excellence.

Education should encourage responsible citizenship, multiculturalism and global awareness.

Education should instill in students a desire for life-long learning and High Order Thinking.

Right to learn:

⦁ Providing all children with the right to access education and learn based on their abilities, preferences, and choices.
⦁ Providing students with appropriate guidance and support based on their individual needs and abilities to enable them to achieve their full potential.


⦁ Ensuring access to learning experiences that promote a sense of belonging as well as challenging levels of academic and social engagement.


⦁ Empowering various abilities in disabilities.


⦁ Developing ideas and thinking skills to stimulate creativity, resourcefulness, and problem-solving.


⦁ Always do what is right.
⦁ Creating more successful citizens in a global context by offering education that promotes mutual understanding and respect.
⦁ Being involved and responsible in local community initiatives, and aware of international concerns.

Teamwork Tolerance:

⦁ Raising successful achievers as individuals and effective members of multicultural teams.
⦁ Developing leadership qualities and team management skills.
⦁ Respecting the nationality, race, gender, and color of others.

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School Motto

Empowering Education with
Love, Innovation, and Technology

About Us

Board of Governors

The Education Board meets on a regular basis to ensure the continuity
and cohesion of curriculum coordination, protocols, processes, and
practices across the school. The Governing Board has formalized the
willing and active involvement of parents in the planning and local governance of the school.

The development of an Advisory Board (based on the previous parent
committee) including membership of parents, senior students and staff members enables the school to operate smoothly and efficiently at a local
level. The Advisory Board meets monthly to oversee and monitor the improvement plans and to celebrate the diversity and heart of this vibrant and warm community.

About us


Accreditation International (Ai) is an approved and recognized member in good standing with the National Council for Private School Accreditation and has cooperative accreditation, transferability of credits, and grade placement policies and agreements with the NCPSA member accrediting associations. Accreditation International (Ai) provides education accreditation for schools, centers, education corporations, and other education entities throughout the world – from north to south and east to west. Leaders from the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA), the Council on Occupational Education (COE), the International Council for Education, and former Executive Directors from the USA regional accreditors have contributed to the development and delivery of standards, policies, and procedures available to Accreditation International (Ai). Accreditation International (Ai) assures the educational quality of schools and plans for continuous school improvement to increase student learning. Ai standards are based on international research, best practices, and historical accreditation processes. Accreditation International (Ai) incorporates the latest educational research with a time-tested approach to traditional accreditation practices. The Standards and Quality Indicators are established on research from 21st century skills, international benchmarks, and the new American Common Core Standards. Accreditation International (Ai) retains the time-honored approach to education accreditation, which requires a Self-Study, a Plan for Continuous School Improvement, On-site Evaluations by Peers, and Annual Reports with a Five-Year Cycle of Re-evaluations. Accreditation by Accreditation International (Ai) and the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA) certifies the school has met standards for effective teaching and curriculum deployment. The accreditation cycle is continuous to ensure ongoing compliance.

The standards met for teaching and curriculum (program):

● Defining appropriate educational goals and providing educational programs to achieve them.

● Maintaining a qualified faculty and an effective school organization.

● Assessing outcomes of school experiences and controlling the quality of educational programs.

● Responding to the concerns of parents and needs of the school community.

● providing for the continuity of its programs and planning for their future.

● describing with accuracy the content of its services and programs.

● developing plans and activities for continuous school improvement.